Hyperion is a multidimensional exploration of complex movement in generative art, created entirely with code. It is inspired by the infinite resolution of movement— from atoms, to cells, to planetary maneuvers: every point in time is unique. Hyperion, too, captures spectrums of texture and color with mathematical precision rendered in real time. Collectors and viewers experience the NFT in motion, rendered in any resolution.

10% of mint proceeds will be donated to Alameda County Food Bank and Youth Spirit Artworks.

Hyperion is a collection of 1024 unique NFTs each containing a 4K image render and a ‘live view’ real time WebGL animation.



  1. March 4: Mint Day!
  2. Build in HTML NFT support into Stargaze platform. That means your existing Hyperion NFTs will render the Live view in the marketplace.
  3. Build an artblocks style platform for Stargaze.
  4. Make more art :)


In live view, each NFT will dynamically change resolution so that the NFT experience is viewed at the best frame rate possible in order to achieve the highest quality movement.
Click fullscreen or press ‘F’ to view in full screen.
Click HD or press ‘G’ to disable dynamic resolution and render at native resolution (This feature is highly demanding and will require an accelerated graphics machine.)

A note on the genesis mint on Stargaze: because Stargaze will only support image NFTs upon launch, Stargaze will not display animations. However, every NFT purchase automatically includes the animation! The NFT still image displayed on the marketplace will contain a QR code linking to the NFT animation.

Hyperion #2
Hyperion #3
Hyperion #1